Saturday, January 3, 2009


A little while back it seemed like for a few months in a row there were consecutive lives around me affected by cancer. It is really hard for a person like myself who is ultimately paranoid about that disease in general to "forget about it" I have already known to some degree 2 people this year whose life was taken via this tragic disease and there are countless others whom I have "heard" their story that have lost their fight.
A little while back I posted that I was going to put some money aside to make a donation to a cancer cause and I wanted to update you on where some money went. Not wanting to break my vow for 2008, on the 31st of December I donated to Cancer Care Manitoba whom I have some knowledge first hand of the support they give their patients. Also, I didn't know at the time, but a former August wedding client of mine, also benefited from their services and is now healthy and happy!
Secondly, as a last minute thought, a member of my photographic community very recently lost her mother to Ovarian Cancer. I was very discouraged to read the stats she posted about the survival rate of this cancer and most saddening is that the rates haven't really haven't improved over the years. To show my support and perhaps make a difference for someone I also made a donation.
I guess the point a really want to get across is that any donations makes a difference. And if you have ever thought twice about making a donation (I know times are tough for most of us) if you can look at it as a "tax credit" or maybe even do something as simple as the Cancer Care lottery the feeling that you can make difference in return is well worth the monetary value!


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