Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009....Do you have any resolutions?

I typically try not to make any- I know that within a few weeks anything I have vowed will be out the window! But I suppose if I did, it would be to clean up the mess on what used to be a "dining room table" which looks more now like a counter in the back of a Don's Photo lab- and trust me I tidied it up for the picture above and conveniently cropped out all the organizing from the other side of the table that has yet to be done. There are still wedding photos to be put away and discs awaiting labels before they head on to their new homes with the most recent newlyweds. I did manage within the last couple evenings to back up and organize thousands of photos and now that I have caught up with most printing for the upcoming wedding show I can clear older files from my hard drive.

On my to-do list is to slice about 400 more business cards- a much easier thought task before my hands began to swell, ache and tingle! :-)

Speaking of the Wonderful Wedding Show, I have already heard from so many people just starting to search for a photographer that they are coming to say Hi! at the wedding show. I am excited to meet new people and of course as I found with last year, touch base with all the upcoming 09' weddings. My approach this year is even simpler than last- if it can't be transported via ONE TRIP in my own car- it's not coming!! Because of my current "condition" the medical term being "temperamental, fat and uncomfortable preggo" I have decided on "easy" I am so very excited that Kenzie has offered to come and hang with me again for the weekend and Nicole who does some invitation design with me is coming along as well!

And if I wasn't feeling on the edge before- Hailey, my 7 year old daughter firmly believes she is coming along the entire weekend as well. Hailey is under the impression that the Wedding Show is one big trip to the chocolate fountain- if you have been there before- you know what I mean


And so the rest of this week will be some small displays and some logistical figuring for how I am going to make it all work. I have a ton of photos to matte and some final touches to add to some slide shows. If I don't have the chance to blog as often as I would like it's mainly because I am taking it easy for the next few weeks. The only things that are in the plans are a few low key photo sessions and whatever babies "sneak in" this month before mine comes!

Happy New Year to Everyone!

2008 marked some wonderful clients and weddings- thanks for sharing it with me!


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