Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Karen's Got Balls!

Minds outta the gutter :-D
Flower Balls!
Sometimes the generosity of people amazes me! Some time ago, I had the honor of being the photographer at Karen and Darryl's wedding and admired ALL of her decor that she had made HERSELF! When I started planning a table at the Wonderful Wedding Show to display one of our invitation packages, I fondly remembered her beautiful and "pink" center pieces and asked if i could borrow a setting. Unfortunately, the venue of her reception had bought them from her (yes- they are that good!) I was overwhelmed when she showed up at my door right as I packing all the goods to set up for the show with a brand new ball and all the decor to match!
We then got to talking about all the colors that she could make these. LIGHT BULBS!

If you are still looking for a centerpiece of hanging balls for you ceremony aisles, contact me for Karen's information. With her own wedding finished, she may be itchin' to burn her fingers on the hot glue gun. Pricing is reasonable and they are BEAUTIFUL!
Thank you so much Karen!


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