Monday, December 22, 2008

Honorable mention- Robyn and Evan- slide show added

Despite the snow and the cold Robyn and Evan had a wonderful wedding!
The groom, bride and her family all stayed and got spruced up at the River Gate Inn a Winnipeg Bed and Breakfast tucked away on West Gate. The Victorian style B&B was a wonderful touch to a wedding that would have been fitting in the present or even in another age!

A quick honorable mention for Robyn and Evan who despite the snow and winds on their wedding day, made it outdoors for NOT ONE, NOT TWO but THREE OUTDOOR LOCATIONS!
I seem to have the most wonderful "Canadian true" clients who are willing to freeze it up for a few good pics!

And despite the snow that kept lining Evan's hair :-) We were able to make it look like a calm winter day. I am beginning to become an old pro at a slight shake to remove snow from my lens. And if Robyn doesn't look cold- she was- but never complained once!

This wedding also restored my love for the "bird cage" What a classic element to add to a perfect wedding dress that never seems to go out of style.

Robyn and Evan had their ceremony and reception at the Ralph Connor House- a Winnipeg Heritage Mansion also on West Gate. Built in the early 1900's it was a very unique and fitting venue. The cocktail reception was a hit and the setting (furnishings and all) took guests back in time!

A small slide show from the day is HERE


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