Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dreaming....of being left to sleep!!

Honestly, if this lil' guy could talk, I think he would open his little brown eyes and say,
"Listen lady, every time I get comfortable and my cute little butt is warmed by your heater... I get just cozy enough to doze off- there are a few bright lights and then you start to wiggle me! Enough the the hats! Enough with this place! I'm outta here!"

Oh but he was *oh so* cute and as I listened to his parents tell me about how this little cutie KNEW when he was being lifted into his bassinet at home and woke up as they did so- I started to get a little afraid. Considering I have to bring home my own little bundle in less than 6 weeks I was flooded with memories of all these little baby things, that I have never forgotten, but after 7 and a half years have chalked up to "trauma amnesia" :-)
And then I envisioned taking pictures of my own baby! Only after that photo session, I would STILL HAVE THE BABY!

But at the same time, there will be little feet to kiss and that sweet baby smell. And of course as an added bonus I am bound to be up a few less times a night since my sleeping has been the pits!


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