Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Saying Goodbye to August!

I couldn't leave August behind just yet!
The last weekend in August proved to be typical for Winnipeg- HOT! With temperatures reaching into the thirties and Sunday's humidity- every one deserved a pat on the back for enduring the photo sessions!
Melanie and Jonathan's slide show is posted HERE
On the last Sunday of August I hung with my new bf (don't I wish) Rachel and her entourage. I had a wonderful time and really felt like my best friend was getting married. It was another Pine Ridge day. The gardens were in full bloom and everything (minus the humidity) was perfect!

Rachel and Chris's slide show is posted HERE


Karen September 9, 2008 at 12:17 PM  

Too funny! Ian and I were camping at Birds Hill that Sunday and we went to the Pine Ridge gift shop, etc and saw the wedding setting up. I was joking with Ian that we should stick around because you'd probably be there taking the photos!

Carrie September 9, 2008 at 1:50 PM  

That is too funny! I would have loved to see you!

Rachel September 10, 2008 at 11:12 AM  

Oh Carrie I love you thiiiiiiis much! You are an angel. Your pictures are magnificent! I was so sad that I didnt get to say thank you and goodbye at the wedding. You made the photoshoot effortless. You managed to fit right in with my crazy crew lol. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.
You're the best.
Love, your BFF Rachel ;o)

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