Thursday, September 18, 2008

Because I know she's checking...

I just have a hunch that Lisa is waiting for her slide show so I thought it best to get my butt in gear since another double wedding weekend is approaching!
There were so many good things about September 13- unfortunately, the weather wasn't one of them. But despite a really dreadful forecast, THERE WAS NOT A DROP OF RAIN! Although the winds blew some mighty chilly gusts, the day went off without a hitch- including the outdoor ceremony!
Chris from Alluring Designs came to the house in the morning to do the girls makeup. She did a phenomenal job and brought quite the book of before and afters with her! I urged her to post some on her website so that people can see the difference that a professional makeup artist can make. I highly recommend her so if you are still in the searches for someone to come do makeup for your wedding day, it's worth checking out!

Lisa's flowers were beautiful and she had the most well behaved flower girls that I have ever met! Actually, despite the chilly willy temperatures neither the little or big girls complained once! I had such a fun day- everyone was eager to be a part of the wedding party and made my day so relaxing!

Even the "ring bearer" didn't complain once :-)

There is nothing like in-laws with some nice acreage! Actually, to date it is some of the nicest few acres that I have had the pleasure to be on. Not only was the tented reception held on site, we were able to use the property for most of the wedding photos.

And so a slide show from Lisa and Jason's day is HERE. And I promise this was actually Lisa's and Jason's first dance- for anyone who has followed and knows for how many slide shows this song has been used!


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