Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First you see it-

You can do that?
As someone who absolutely despises pictures of myself, isn't it just like me to always end up with the worst pictures of moi. I am serious when I tell my friends and clients just how much I tend to airbrush my own photos. A zit here and and some shine from there- thank goodness for photo shop!
I am frequently asked if I can airbrush a break out "just in case" it happens on the big day? I can do that!! Actually, if it does happen, I just do it- there is no extra charge- you wouldn't even know I have or would even have to ask. There are some nights that I literally edit 65 close ups from a wedding. Zits, rashes and all that good stuff happens so I figure it's part of my service and will ultimately add to an awesome final presentation!
So take beautiful Katie below- luckily someone so cute doesn't have much to worry about- UNTIL MOSQUITOES ATTACK! Luckily this happened towards the the end of our photo shoots.
And it's as though it didn't happen. It's as though our city isn't swarming with nasty little blood suckers.
And so have no fear- I appreciate a good airbrush! And I am happy to make it part of my service to you.


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