Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Monique and Chris

As I am posting this, Winnipeg is in the midst of a "winter storm watch" which is funny considering that Monique and Chris's wedding day boasted summer temperatures. Those sunglasses- they weren't for show- the sun was so nice and warm and we even had a hard time finding shade under the leafless trees to escape the bright beams.
Ahhhh- memories :-)- in true Winnipeg style each day since the weekend has grown a little chillier.
The flowers once again were by Monica at Timeless Florals- have I ever mentioned how much I love her stuff? ;-)

Monique and Chris were very accommodating, making use of our limited time very prosperous. They were wonderful to work with and Monique was so naturally beautiful.

I WANT TO JUMP FOR JOY that my very good friends from National Video Services were back from their winter hibernation in Texas and filmed at Monique and Chris's wedding. Someone needs to tell Gary and Joan about our fabulous February temperatures that they missed out on this year, maybe they won't be so eager to fly south next winter-not~!

I had so much fun working with them that the day flew by! Joan was her ever so helpful self and I enjoyed the catch-up

I have posted a small slide show of from the wedding HERE


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