Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Announcement Samples

Please note that on any of these samples the following can be changed to suit your liking- Wording, colors (ie blue to pink to accommodate baby's gender or a different shade of a color to suit your taste) font style etc.
Please pay attention to the actual size and dimension of the photo compartment that your images will fit into.  Horizontal photos do not fit properly into vertical boxes and vice versa.
After you have emailed your preference, a sample will be sent to you and we will work together to make any changes that you would like!

 The "Hi"

The Carter

 The Frances

The Rori

The Evan

The Claire

The River


 The Kaitlyn

 The Annabell

The Ryland (5x5 square)

The Cameron (5x5 square)

The Cirrus

 The Jacob

The Grayson (5x5 square)

 The Edwyn (5x5 Square)

 The Olivia

 The Benjamin

The Aubrey

 The Mat

 The Cali

 The Elliot

The Hayden

The Abagail

The Finley (5x5 square)

 The Tessa

 The Thomas

 The Hailey

 The Autumn

The Twins


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