Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yes I am still Alive!

Happy New Year to Everyone! Can you believe that it is 2008? Why I remember like yesterday when the threat of Y2K loomed in the air and I had actually mildly bought into the garble and stored some water in old milk jugs in the case of a MAJOR COMPUTER MELTDOWN!

I have been busy- December ended with two weddings back to back and I have been spending the last couple weeks editing those pictures as well as trying to pull all the little details together for the Wonderful Wedding Show, January 18th until the 20th. I can't promise any spectacular settings for my booth- just me, with a smile and a few pictures of course :-)

I have also been working hard to put the finishing touches on some a new "affordable and fresh" invitation line that I have been working on- printed as pictures, but picture-less. I will be putting up a link shortly to display some samples. I am excited- and even if the idea doesn't catch on, I had a lot of fun making them and it was another excuse to waste some time on the computer!

I also want to take a minute to remind everyone having a winter wedding that TIMELINES ARE OF THE ESSENCE, I think I even forgot HOW DARK it gets by 4 pm- I know I try to go out of my way to have all pictures done by this time- by scheduling a ceremony for 1:00, rather than 2:00 the daylight is all the better (hence the pics as well) Might be something to think about for all the 2009 winter weddings.

And so a few slideshows from the very end of December-

Virginia and Vaughn's is poted here

Renata and Nathaniel's is posted here


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