Monday, July 22, 2013

Angela and Kelley are Married || Winnipeg Wedding Photography ||

Gorgeous Gorgeous Day!  So many perfect little details at Angela and Kelley's wedding that I just adored.  Perfect weather, perfect flowers, perfect bridesmaid dresses (loved them), lots of time for photos and a fun bunch of people to hang out with all day long.

We had time through the day to do a great combination of photo locations.  We hit the east side of the exchange for some pictures and then some more classic stuff at the Legislative building.   Everything about the day flowed so nicely.  

Angela and Kelley's wedding reception was at one of my favorite venues (Bel Acres) but it was obviously a favorite of our mosquitoes as well :)  Betcha can't tell how they are being attacked in the next 3 photos.  Total pros :) 

Congratulations Angela and Kelley!  What a wonderful day.  I have posted a small highlight reel of the day below and of course some of the highlights from the photo booth :)

Angela and Kelley- The Merry Booth from Carrie Ekosky on Vimeo.


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