Sunday, December 4, 2011

Brenda and Mike

 Brenda and Mike- where to even begin to describe the day.  I think this was a wedding that was really unique in some ways (a wedding of firsts for me- and after this long in the business that is hard to accomplish).  It was the first time that I had ever been handed a great big syringe filled with a jello shot at a beauty salon :), it was the first time that the bridesmaids ever wore their flowers as arm wraps (super cool!) It was the first time I was ever at a wedding reception yet was drawn to the kids room to watch a magician put on a show for all the little wedding guests (Brenda and Mike made sure everyone was entertained!)  Also the first time I had seen anything like their wedding cake annnnd the first time I ever had sushi (and sushi) at a wedding ever! 

Flowers were gorgeous- via Monica- bright and colorful.

 After the first look we snapped a few chilly pics at Harbourveiw park.  Not one complaint from the bride about the weather!

 Then off to Red River- 

These little girls were perfect!  I could have taken photos of them all day long

 All of the boys were looking great too!

 And the cake- some of the bestest layer toppers ever!! They even matched their wedding party counterparts!!  So cute!

Congratulations Brenda and Mike- Brenda, I know you have an undying love for letting me take your photo (heehee- not!) So I betcha that you just can't wait to watch a slide show starring YOU! :) 
It's just a small sample of the day!  Best Wishes!  Thank you for having us spend the day with you.


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