Monday, July 25, 2011

Melanie and Paul

Where to start with this post for Melanie and Paul's wedding day.  I often tell people how my short term employment at a "retail giant" led in one way or another to so many wonderful clients.   Melanie was a seasonal department employee who I always thought was just one of the most beautiful girls around, the kind of girl with the most beautiful smile and THE.BEST hair cuts and styles that I had ever seen.  Best of all, for as little as I knew her, she didn't even act like she knew it :) 
Paul came sometime later, I'm not sure if I thought he was on a "work exchange" or just a long term visit from England- I'm pretty sure he doesn't remember that I had the pleasure of working a couple shifts with him slinging jugs of milk- mostly I remember that "that bloke could talk and talk" :)  Not sure if he knew that most or the store referred to him as "English Paul"
And so I'm not totally sure of the entire story, but I think that they didn't really get together most of the time that he originally landed in our Wal-Mart.  I think the story goes that sometime shortly before he was to return home there was a spark.  And she visited there and he came back short term here and whatever the heck I missed in the years that came after, it really doesn't matter- because last weekend he slipped a ring on her finger and Melanie became "Mrs. English Paul"

The forecast threatened rain (but doesn't that seem typical for Winnipeg weather these days) but there wasn't a cloud insight- actually, it was the hottest wedding we have had thus far (and not only because of the hot couple and the hawt shoes) ;) 

We did all of our photos where the ceremony and reception took place (St. Norbert Heritage Centre) partly because I think it was just too darn hot to go anywhere else :)  But mostly because with so many beautiful settings, it was an easy capture. 

I have posted just a small slideshow of the wedding below. Congratulations Melanie and Paul.  It really means the world to me when someone chooses me to be a part of their day.  Knowing you even just a little bit makes it double :) xo


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