Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Newborn Pricing

Newborn sessions take place in your home. The home must have an area that can be secluded from pets while we shoot, be smoke free and have adequate lighting during daytime hours. If you do not feel that the lighting in your home is adequate, I suggest asking a family member or friends home that we can shoot at.

How does a newborn session work?
Newborn sessions are scheduled for early afternoon or weekend times (if available) where we can devote enough time to capture the poses. Sessions can sometimes last up to three hours.  Some babies settle easily while others take a long time to fall asleep- every session is different. Many of the babies on my site are under two weeks old so the earlier the better! My style leans more towards the sleeping poses- this is what I wait for and are the pictures you can expect.

My baby is over three weeks of age- can we try a photo session?
Newborn sessions are limited to babies under three weeks of age.  Typically, babies between three weeks and 4 months would be better served at a portrait studio that supplies back props for infants.

What should you provide for the session?
I love little caps (in pink or blue) and have lots of cute ones with me that I bring along to every shoot. I bring blankets, hats and headbands. Many parents ask to add some props along as well- we will try to work with whatever we can, keeping in mind that not all props work well for photos.

How many poses are included?
We will try to do as many poses as your baby will tolerate. Some babies are sleepier and pose for many pictures. Some babies rile quickly and take a while longer to get settled and that is one of the reasons I don't have a time limit on a session. Usually there are fifty or more  proofs to view.

My baby has a rash/ scratch/ baby acne- will this show in the photos?
Some scratches and baby acne are very easy to airbrush on the computer. Many small touch-ups are made before they are posted on a private online gallery for you to view.

Every portrait session comes with an online link with your photo proofs. The link will be up for 10 business days. I would love to leave your link up indefinitely- I know life gets busy but due to web space issues I can't. After the link is removed, if a customer would like it restored there will be a small charge to do.

I accept cancellations up to two hours before a session (even via email) YES, TWO HOURS BEFORE WITHOUT PENALTY- I know life is hectic! But if you miss a session that we have scheduled without notice and would like to re-schedule, please add 45.00 onto your photo package.

Use of Photos
Please be aware that all of the images are property of Carrie Ekosky Photography and may be used in a portfolio or website. One of the reasons I photograph portraits is to build a portfolio and gain experience. One of the reasons that I keep my prices low is so that I can utilize the photos and experience. Of course not all of your photos will be used, sometimes none at all. I usually try to update galleries once a month and pick a few images. I never publish anything that would not be suitable for anyone of any age.
I ask that if you do not want your photos, photos of your newborn or family published to the web or used in my books that you do not come for portraits.


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