Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kelly and Joel

Kelly and Joel's wedding was the first wedding I had ever booked for 2010 way back in the  08's :)  I remember at that time thinking that the day would never come.  Kelly (being ultra prepared) had her ducks in a row and was an "early bird" for her wedding season.

I loved all the decor for the day- the accent color- you guessed it {pink}  The hall had elements of my favorite color everywhere- and of course the flowers were bright and gorgeous!
The skies were angry :) But we worked around their tantrums.  At one point while driving to a less covered locale it even started to hail!!   But as the Limo pulled into the lane the sun even started to shine a teensy bit :) I am one lucky photographer.

Honorable mention to these little gems.  I have photographed a lot of wedding pastries but these were smelling so good I {almost} wanted to pocket one for the ride home :)

Kelly and Joel, I had an awesome day- with two very awesome people.  Congrats!

I have posted a small slideshow below.


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