Friday, July 16, 2010

Kathryn and Murray

For many years now I have had the awesome job of photographing weddings- and in those years I have taken photos at MANY weddings
 Usually I attach some sort of feeling to each wedding and usually remember bits and pieces of the day that stand out in my mind for years to come.
At Kathryn and Murray's, I could say it was her ultra cool purple shoes, or the way she swelled up with tears as her veil was places on her head.  I could say it was watching the couple waltz across the dance floor in a impromptu practice run of their first dance or their WEDDING CAKE that is definitely in the running for one of my most favorite cakes ever
but I won't
Because most definitely I will remember the HEAT.  In all my years, I have never shot a wedding in such "rain forest" conditions :)  AND CAN YOU BELIEVE that I don't recall one of the boys in the wedding party complain- layers of suits and all
Kathryn's dress was the HEAVIEST I have ever lifted in my career (had to know she was going to have sweltering temperatures with that one :-P)

It was an awesome time- we took photos in many different locations and even stopped in at the Legislative building (nothing odd about that you say?) Only to make our way down some closed streets and narrowed lanes because of the Queen Hoopla :)
Love this cake!!

I have posted a very small selection of images from the day below
 (a quick note about my song choice- Kathryn hadn't sent me the file for her choice in music yet so I scoured my files for something I thought was funky.  The more and more I listen to it, I am not sure it's a choice fit for a wedding :-P  Needless to say, it won't be on your final discs!)


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