Friday, June 4, 2010

Waiting for a post?

It used to be that once the wedding season started, I was through with portrait sessions. But this year (and with so many lovely clients who I have known forever- and so many new ones too) I have decided to attempt it all!

But alas this blog has been a source of trouble as of late. Sometimes an upload of one photo fails 20 times before it actually gets posted. I have however figured out the problem (who would have thought that Firefox would be the answer!?) and although I am back into some easier blogging, I am miserably behind on getting sessions blogged. I am going to try my best (with of course weddings always being the priority!) Feel free to find me on facebook if you don't see your faces up here for a while- I can post some of your photos there too and since I don't have to write anything witty to go along with it, it will be swift
Have a great weekend!


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