Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A very quick note...

A lot of times I meet with people and want to give them every opportunity to explore every option while choosing a wedding photographer. I often tell perspective clients that it is a very important decision and to please think about it and to let me know after they have had a chance to talk and think about it outside of my presence.

I also tell couples frequently that I will let them know if anyone else has inquired for their date as they make their final decisions. I want to clarify that this isn't indefinitely, chances are if we have met months, or even weeks ago and I haven't heard back from you- I will and have assumed that you have gone another way. In this case I will begin meeting with new people interested in the date and can't guarantee it's availiable. I like to give people the heads up as they speak with each other and decide but there are limitations on how long I will do so.

If you are in query of a date and want to book me, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you receive paperwork that is returned and accompanied with a deposit. If you have not done so- or even asked for such paperwork, your day is not booked. I hate leaving anyone in limbo so please make sure to verify this so that your date is secured!



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