Monday, January 25, 2010

Way Back When Week- ode to photo editing- Monday

Do not adjust your monitors- do not be scared away :) I had a few moments last week to dig through literally spools and spools of backup copies of weddings from years ago. My oh my- the beauties that I did find :) Like most new photographers in the industry I was typically the same- an over- editor.  We were in the millennium and the things that * we could do*

Richard and Diana
The price for my service morning until 10 pm/ with an assistant- 525.00
The edits- priceless

Okay- so funny thing is, this was one of the first weddings that I really felt I excelled at. Besides what I am posting today, Diana and I planned many locations- there were photos at fountains, rock quarries, baseball diamonds, uptown streets- this wedding rocked. In 2005 this was one of the weddings that still graced my portfolio until a year or so ago.

On the morning of Richard and Diana's wedding I drove to my former bride and then assistant's house (Lori Atchison- her wedding photos will come later this week) with a bucket on my lap- ill. Thank goodness for her- she got us to Stonewall while I hunkered down and waited for the gravol to kick in.

So without further ado...

Because nothing says dress details like ovals and a collage...

And would you look at this- this was the actual poem that Diana's sister recited to her during her speech. And I ACTUALLY made a point to corner her sister at the reception to ask her to give me the copy of the poem so that I could make this photo
Because nothing says "Sisters" like a collage with a bickley poem scrolled across it :)

Gotta show off those wedding rings- so just in case anyone didn't get the jist of this photo, better hand color them :)

And this one (not for any editing) but because this is a shot that just about kills me to do whenever I am asked. Last year I instituted a rule that I would not do this anymore

wait for it

wait for it





Isn't it funny how times have changed.
I am still ever so honored that Diana and Richard chose me to shoot their day (and there two newborn sons after that!)


Nicole January 25, 2010 at 1:09 PM  

You are so hard on yourself.....LOL
However, they all made me laugh.
Especially the dress in the ovals!

Jennifer Lee Photography January 25, 2010 at 2:14 PM  


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