Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Way Back When Week- ode to photo editing- Wednesday

Do not adjust your monitors- do not be scared away :) I had a few moments last week to dig through literally spools and spools of backup copies of weddings from years ago. My oh my- the beauties that I did find :) Like most new photographers in the industry I was typically the same- an over- editor. We were in the millennium and the things that * we could do*

Kenzie and Jayson
The price for my service morning until first dance- 525.00
Discount for Sunday Wedding- revised bill is in the mail :) just joking!
The edits- priceless

Are you going my way? :) Just in case you didn't notice that the couple is sitting in this ULTRA BRIGHT RED sports car, I think I will make sure it's the most bright and red thing in this photo!

This next one

Wait for it

Wait for it




Cause nothing and I mean nothing says wedding like a wild white frame (made funky angled yet!)
And guess what- she ordered it as an enlargement!!

Ode to soft focus and the lasso tool- actually I still like this one and I am probably guilty of edits VERY similar these days.

But this doozie- I am blaming this one solely on Kenzie. After about the 15the change of fonts and photos (she was envisioning something more scripty if I remember correctly) This was the final product. I don't think I've ever used palace script since. :) So really it's her fault :)


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