Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Victoria and Cam

On a "crisp" January morning I couldn't have had a better wedding to photograph as my first of the 2010 season! Victoria is absolutely stunning and one of those lucky women that has a truly memorizing smile and photogenic laugh.
The flowers for the day were provided by the Friendly Florist and were simple and beautiful!

Married at 11 bells in the morning, the couple then hosted a champagne brunch. Everything was fantastic!

By the time we headed (braved) the outdoors the temps. had warmed to a balmy minus 20 (minus 35 with the wind chills) so after a few shots we collectively decided that indoors was the way to go- but such a beautiful couple made my job easy despite any location for photos!

Congratulations Victoria and Cam!


Wendy (aunt and violinist) February 3, 2010 at 7:50 AM  


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