Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Regarding Comments Made on this Blog

I realized about 3 years ago that to believe the notion "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" was not an option.
This year has been particularly unsettling. So as I prepare my last wedding to post of the year I wanted to write a quick piece about any comments that readers may leave on this blog.
Unfortunately, I need more than one hand to count that amount of comments that aren't appropriate for publish.
Whether it be an issue that you have with myself, or just the kind of day someone may be having...please realize that I take the time to publish weddings and sessions on this blog NOT AS A PERSONAL PORTFOLIO but for my clients to have sneak peaks of their weddings and sessions. I realize the amount of daily readers has increased triple fold since starting but certainly if there is a need to scrutinize my work or photos I choose to highlight someones day- please feel free to email me directly.
I LOVE my clients. Imagine if it was your friend, son or daughters photos and you logged on to see them and then saw a comment regarding the way that they looked, posed, what they wore, the colors they picked...and none of what anyone had to say was nice....
I respect my clients and their friends and families too much to allow anything to overshadow a post made for THEM.
Please do the same :)
Thanks for listening.

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