Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lisa and Brian are married

Now, I promise that in the next 24 hours or so, I will have caught up with all this blog posting (including Lisa and Brian's slide show) I just didn't want them to think that I forgot about their photos! :)
This was my last wedding of a crazy and fun wedding season. I was so happy to spend the day with this couple and their WONDERFUL friends and family. This is one wedding that I learned so the difference between Zombies and "Zoombies" and a book I could read in case of an impending Zombie attack. I also think I just may start pvr'ing Gilmore Girls.... and if you are thinking I am joking- these were MY KIND of people with MY KINDS of conversations. AND I JUST MAY strive to be like Brian's aunt whom knew almost every song played during dinner including the artist, original kind of day!

Flowers via that "flower goddess" you know, Monica :)

Their cake was gorgeous! And the cookie favours- to die for. Mine didn't make it past the reception it was just too darn tempting to NOT EAT!


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