Monday, April 27, 2009

New Payment Policies

Hello to all my 2009/2010 couples- this pertains to all booked weddings.

At present, the payment policy as outlined in the agreement is payment due on the wedding date. Typically you should receive a generic statement via email in the week before your wedding outlining the amount owed (taxes, deposit received)

Although I do not like to change a policy mid year, as of today, all booked weddings should soon receive an outline detailing the change. Yes, payment is due the day of the wedding and as always, you can even post date your payment for the Monday following your wedding date BUT I do have to ask that I receive the check by the latest the day before your wedding. Of course the check does not have to be dated until the wedding date regardless. If payment has not been received, or is not ready upon photographers arrival, services may be discontinued.

I certainly don't want to be pulling a couple from their guests to square up at the end of the day (and don't)- after spending such a wonderful day with a couple it's hard to talk shop- and the last thing I want is a bride running around looking for her purse and check book :) I would rather use that time to capture some hugs and smiles on camera.

Because I strive for incredibly quick service (your photos and digital images on disc ready within 2 weeks of your wedding date) depending on your financial institution checks can sometimes take up to 7 business days to clear. Therefor, by the time any money has been received there has been countless hours spent on scouting, editing and on the wedding day itself. I certainly do not want to "hold your photos hostage" As outlined in the agreement, time lines are sometimes not honored when a payment is received after the wedding date.

Now I realize that there may be some clients somewhat uncomfortable with the policy change, if you have any concerns please feel free to contact me. Keep in mind that although I have payment, it is still dated as it would have been, we just take care of all that business prior so that we can focus on what's important

Also, as a new service, starting this week you will be able to pay your balance with your credit card via paypal! If you would like to use this service there is not an extra charge and you just have to send me an email requesting your paypal statement. Once you have done so you will receive it within 1 business day of your request.


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