Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hi Joanie!!!

I noticed that almost everyday I get one visitor from that warm state of Texas.
Hi Joan- I miss you :-)

Unfortunately with a sick baby (for anyone who doesn't know, Ryan has a fairly severe cow's milk allergy- exactly what most baby formulas are made of) so he has taken up most of my waking time. So the only extra work that I do is my "work" from sessions that have actual deadlines- blogging takes a back seat.
So just to fill Joan in...
Winnipeg has been brutally cold for January- oh my mistake it's APPARENTLY MARCH! Actually Hailey had indoor recess yesterday. So I guess your glad your our floating in a pool with some water noodles- oh I can see it now!! :-)
Can't wait to see you when you roll back into Manitoba!


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