Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fresh and New

No, I'm not back at shooting lil' babies- this was a very special request from some very special people and since I figure one of Winnipeg's newest residents will probably be swapping b-day invitations with my lil' Ryan for years to come- I might as well break out the camera.

This was actually the first newborn session in years that I have done without my studio lighting- I was pretty surprised that I managed the same effect by using some window light and a bounced flash. But at the end of the session as I started to pack everything away I realized that I shot the entire set of photos on an ISO 1000- yikes 1000! I try never to shoot higher than an 800 to maintain good quality enlargements- so I was a little scared to throw them onto the computer and see the quality at full size. Luckily, because there was so much light it seemed to be a non- if I could only find where I left my brain :)

Welcome to the the world little Rhys! I look forward to getting to know you!

Check out those baby toes!


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