Thursday, January 29, 2009

Keepin' it quiet around here

Because I have a peanut who needs sleep and I'm a mama who is used to carrying the world on her shoulders. Learning to balance all this new stuff with the old (and trying to still vacuum daily and keep up with (probably) unrealistic expectations of what needs to be done)
I can't believe all the pouring of gifts and well wishes we have received. I truly thank every one of those who have! And although I haven't found the time to resume all my daily routines, I am hoping that I can soon!
I am also trying diligently to return all my photography emails! I am hoping that I haven't left anyone in the lurch! When I returned home from the hospital my inbox was flooded! This time of year there seems to be so many wedding inquiries! I am afraid that if you are looking for a 2009 date, the year is completely booked with exception to November and December- I wish I could help everyone out-
And I am looking forward to going "back to work" in another couple weeks! It should be fun and February seems to be filled with some great clients that I actually know in one way or another- it should make the transition a easier one!
Thanks again to everyone! Ryan is doing fantastic and he really is a cutie!
We are very lucky to have two beautiful kids!


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