Thursday, October 23, 2008

Copy and Paste

I remember 5+ years ago when I started out. I can remember combing through websites (on a light speed connection yet) I knew just how I wanted my photos to look- actually more like the "feel" that I wanted to capture. And I collected ideas and tried to make them my own, realizing that it is very hard to duplicate a shot or a pose and not make it your own. I would NEVER shoot like the Bebb's. But they and others were certainly inspirations!

One thing I know that I NEVER did was copy and paste from someones website. I do know however that when I answer questions or detail coverage on my own site, I have spent a long time collecting information and then trying to articulate and post it for my own clients to read.

In the past months I have seen quite a few directly copy and pasted quotes/ packages/ image quality blurbs and other that wouldn't so much bother me except for the fact that I KNOW I WROTE THEM. I know I called up my mom and friends with a "Does this make sense?" or a "Should I change this wording?" Although I don't take it personally, I want to just say how crummy it feels that you spent the time working on something and someone through the art of right click slaps it on their site. It's kinda reminiscent of copying from a text book- aren't you suppose to change some of the words? :-)

And so I realize we come from a small information pool in Winnipeg and certainly if my experience allows someone new an easier road, I respect that. All that I am asking is you take my information and make it your own- change up the wording, change a few enlargements in your package and don't try to be exactly the same. Uniqueness is under-rated

And for clients and perspective clients just because my paragraphs are across someones website, they are not a "partner" nor a "colleague" I don't write for other website designers or copy and paste my own "generic" information. And if you think someone may be working with me because of these ultra similarities- ask them....


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