Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fleeting Moments

I am always so happy to see newborn babies! I get them when the are FRESH. Always when they are so very little and so very pose-able. I wanted to post a couple quick shots of some of the babies I have had the honor of giving their very first full on photo shoot recently.
It's also a bit of a sad post because I have made an important decision that in a few short months I will be "retired" from the newborn photography. Anyone who has supplied me with their company (aka- parents) for the hours that a session takes knows what is involved. Taking in account all of the editing afterwards, I know that personally and professionally I will not have the time.
I am expecting myself early in the new year and will not be able to dedicate the hours to the newborn sessions any longer- Permanently, maybe not.

I of course will still shoot until sometime late December, and I know there will be a few returning clients within that time who's babies I will get to meet! I absolutely have loved to photograph a series of wonderful moments in my clients lives and I have been so very lucky!


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