Monday, November 12, 2007

Lucy and Danny- November 3, 2007

How many lawyers does it take to get hitched (to each other)?
Okay, Okay- I will spare you the lawyer jokes!

Lucy and Danny are partners in their own law firm. When we had arranged a meeting many months ago, Lucy directed me to their website so that I could get a glimpse of whom to look for when I arrived. I am not quite sure why the thought of being responsible for the wedding pictures for TWO lawyers seemed a little intimidating :-)

Lucy and Danny had their wedding and reception at the Millennium Center. I love the big windows upstairs and surprisingly the original wood paneling makes for some classic photographs. I have to say that the couple were pretty brave- having 5 children accompany them in their wedding party! They were quite possibly some of the best behaved children I had ever met!

I have posted a small slideshow of the wedding HERE


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