Friday, October 26, 2007

Playing catch-up- Cori and Steve

This wedding was truly for fun! It kinda popped up last minute and was relaxed the entire way through. Because I knew Cori from previous, I think I would have killed her if she would have had anyone else shoot the day ;-)

I love days that are fun and pressure free- perhaps that explains the crazy flying transitions in the slideshow or the messed up song I ended up choosing- in my haste, I neglected to notice that there is a very audible F-sharp- so cover your ears-eeeeek! I know a country girl like Cori would have preferred something country- but you have to catch me on a pretty generous day to throw the genre into a slideshow
The slideshow is HERE

Congratulations Guys- I feel very special to have been a part of your day! xoxo


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