Monday, February 4, 2013

Heather and Cole- Married || Winnipeg Wedding Photography ||

 After a rocky start- a stormy- blizzardy eve, a bride with no voice, a minister calling SOS and unable to get to the church without help, a dress that needed some stitching I learned a very important thing... if it's meant to be, it truly meant to be :)  Heather and Cole are definetly in LOVE and we made the very best of every minute we could. 

I loved Heather's purple flowers (a definite popular color this year)

A popular request this year :)  Bridesmaids at their best 

 Oh boy, was it ever frigid!! But we even managed to snap a few shots outside!


Congrats Heather and Cole!! Your reception was stunning, your photobooth was awesome and you are so happy together!  I have posted a small slideshow from the wedding day below and of course one of the photobooth too!! 


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