Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shannon and Dustin are married

Oh boy did it ever rain the morning of Shannon and Dustin's wedding. If I would have seen cats and dogs come down with those big raindrops, it wouldn't have surprised me :)   Although I had faith that the weather would clear, we sure are lucky that it did!  We took pictures on Waterfront at Steven Juba Park, continued into the exchange for something a little more urban and then back to St. Boniface Golf Course where the reception was held. 

Favs from this wedding included the girls fabulous perfect red shoes, gorgeous red flowers, the grey suits (love) and of course that the day was so fun.  I also loved that from Shannon's sisters former upstairs bedroom I could see the top of my childhood house :)   And in another strange coincidence, one of Shannon's childhood friends grew up in my second shooters house on the same street.  :) 

Congrats Shannon and Dustin.   I have posted a small highlight show below and also check out the photo booth fun too!! 


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