Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dave and Barb are married!

I'm not sure what I expected for Barb and Dave's beachy wedding.  Barb was so nonchalant about the day that I WAS BLOWN AWAY by the spectacular thought into every detail.  From a ceremony location that could have been on a tropical beach somewhere, to a tiki style bar, to the awesome hand carved sinks in the screened in facilities :) JUST WOW!  
The "backyard" wedding was THE NICEST I have ever attended in my career.  Dave's Mom's gardens even put Pine Ridge Hollow to shame.  It was so fun.  And I drank enough of TYLER'S STRANDED ISLAND PUNCH to last me all week.  :)

Congratulations!  So thrilled to spend the day with you guys!!  I have posted a small slide show below of just a few of the many photos from the day- and also a tropical beach photo booth one as well!


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