Monday, May 28, 2012

It's time to update your photos!!!!

Here's what I got for you all!  See I know that I am going to see you all sooner or later this year so now is a great opportunity to update your photos and do something amazing for someone else all at the same time. I very recently found out that someone who has always been willing to help me out in the past received heart breaking news last week when her 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with a fatal disease called Late Infantile Batten’s Disease.  You can read about this sweet little girls story here.
So what I want to do is offer you the same photos that you were gonna get anyway at a great price and best of all EVERY SINGLE PENNY  from your session is going to go to help this little girl in any way her parents see fit.

June 24, 2012- all day- we will find a time that works for you!!

Depending on Demand- a city park- easy to find and easy to park

How Much
150.00- yes that's lower than the price on the site and worth every penny

What do you get
a 35 minute session of WHATEVER pics you want and every single file on disc that you can print at any lab in the city

What kind of session can you do
I'm open to anything- Family, children, engagement, maternity..... 

Why should you do this
Because it's important to me.  Because this is something that you can do that helps someone else.  Because this saves you money.  Because everyone needs to refresh last years pics.

Contact me for your time/ details- LET'S DO THIS!!!!!


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