Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shannon and Jason

Once upon a time, a girl from the Prairies met a boy from Texas. They were both far far away from their perspective home towns on foreign ground as they mapped out their careers as teachers.  On St. Patrick's Day in the home town of that Prairie gal, they made it official :)

This was the WARMEST March wedding that I can ever remember and also the first St. Patrick's Day wedding that I have ever had the honor to attend.   Shannon's dress was accented green- and the flowers were a mix of cremes and greens- they were lovely! 

We shot indoors at the Legislative building and then off to the Hydro building waterfall walls.   By the time the mid afternoon time came upon us we were actually able to shoot outside (I was even too hot!) What an amazing March 17th!!

I have posted a small slide show of the day below- and also one from some of the Merry Booth Photos.  Congratulations Guys! 


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