Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kelsey and Karl

Despite being our first November wedding of the year,  the weather was nicer than most of our October events (go figure that's Winnipeg weather for you!)  What an absolutely jam packed house that I arrived to- big girls, little girls, hair dressers, makeup artists.... there was s definite buzz in the air- totally exciting and wonderful.  I love a morning that is set up like Kelsey's- absolutely perfect without the hussle bussle from one place to another!

 After some quick family photos outside the search (in front of the only tree that had leaves- ha!) We headed to Level 3 studios and did a ton of photos.  The girls made that couch look the hawtest ever and the couple photos were great.  Kelsey's veil was perfect and long and dramatic and made for some gorgeous photos.  I loved it.

And of course, as the day rolled on the temperatures dipped a little but those gals were troopers- some exchange photos out front eh King's Head Pub.  What a bunch of gorgeous ladies!

These cupcakes- smelled so good- some of the nicest most scrumptious looking treats I have ever seen at a wedding!

And of course another wonderful candy buffet from the Sweetness Buffet!  Ashley always does an awesome job!

And then there were these Dragon Dancers- not only was this the first time I had ever seen this in real life, because I was the photographer I had the opportunity to get super close- it was AMAZING!  I can't explain how these dancers have the ability to completely transform a furry costume into something that seems soooo real!  From the blinking eyes, to the opening mouths.  I was blown away.  Definitely an AWESOME lifetime first.

Congratulations Kelsey and Karl!  What a wonderful and exciting day- and stay tuned for an edited  post just to chronicle the Candy buffet, Dragons and Photo booth!  Thank you for having us share the day with you!


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