Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jen and Alex

I was so excited to spend the day with Jen and Alex.  Jen is actually the daughter of very good friends of mine Gary and Joan at National Video Services and I was honored when they asked me to shoot the day and nervous all the same!  Luckily, the day (even that nasty 100 percent of thunder showers) didn't throw a hitch in our day.  Everything was LOVELY!  Every detail was perfect.  The purple popped. The tears flowed. The food was scrumptious and the candy kept me on an editing buzz all night long :)

The flowers were from A Dream Wedding.... they were perfect!

The bubbles- BEST EVER- it was theat humidity that kept them lingering (and some credit to some awesome bubble blowers who helped the cause!)

Congratulation Jen and Alex!  I have posted a small highlight slide show of the thousand or so photos that made the cut!  Thanks for an awesome day!


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