Wednesday, June 29, 2011

All about planning a wedding- How about them apples!?

If we have had a consult in the last few months or you have been married, I have no doubt gushed about the wedding that I get to help plan!  My friend since I was  5 years old (who also happens to be my second shooter) is getting married this September and as “control freak” friend and probably the person who has attended more weddings than almost anyone I know I have stepped up to the plate whether she likes it or not! :)

One thing that this planning has opened my eyes to, is just how much all the little extras cost.  Sure we have the advantage of making our own stationary and taking photos but everything adds up. Nicole is going to make this a beautiful but budget friendly affair.  So where to begin?  I have already had the pleasure of going with Nicole to meet with Monica the Florist.  Despite my years of recommendations and tags to her weddings on my site I had never met her.  I have confidently seen a ton of weddings that she had done and the process was smooth!  THE.BEST thing about her service is that she lends you her glassware for centerpieces!

Nicole's’ wedding colors are granny smith green and black- so what better to accent a granny smith green wedding than granny smith green apples!  Last night we got together to make a centerpiece!
 So apples- apples in water?  If you have ever bobbed for apples, you know that apples float.  With 75 days left, we thought we should get our butts in gear and try to organize the process for the big day.  We found very little online of how to weigh down, string or de-float apples.  So we gave it a go

Step one
Don’t use a bachelors house

There were so many little distractions of “boy” proportions that caught our attention :)
Was it the fan with the multi colored disco bulbs?  Or the flowers displayed in a water jug that had us straying from the task at hand?  Thank you anyways Uncle Mick, we did appreciate a child free environment :)

The Real Step One
 We did have the luxury of hand picking the greenest nicest apples, but when you are making these for a wedding, the price of this vs. buying a pre packaged bag just won’t add up.  We are going to budget for some smaller apples.

Step Two
 The vase is free to use (via Monica) but we will have to assemble it the day before for drop off at the venue.  The florist suggested that real flowers and fruit might not get along so well, so we are up in the air regarding some fake hydrangea pieces that we may stuff into some spaces until we can see them.  I did find information on the internet that suggested instead of pre-boiling or weighing down to place them snugly in the vase before adding water- so that’s what we did!
Step Three
We are some picky chicks :)  Not only do we want these apples to stay put, we aren't fond of bubbles.  We found that cold water worked best...   Also, as long as your top apples are snug and packed, the apples on the bottom stay put.  This was an easier project than either Nicole and I expected! 

Step Four
 It’s easy to pick out the flaws before we can picture this sitting a top a beautifully set table accented with matching table numbers.... I think we preferred a few less apples, what we have decided to do with the top will be a surprise for the big day.

 The price.  Dependant on the price of apples I suppose.  Accounting for the free use of the big beautiful glassware, I am thinking close to 4 dollars a table.  Of course, you could use almost any fruit to match your colors.  Water or not, it still looks fresh, tall and classy!


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