Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jennifer and David

When I book winter weddings moths in advance, you really don't have many "weather expectations" On the day that I met Jennifer and Dave to talk about their wedding I had just finished a cozy warm fall engagement session, I think I may have told them that there might not even be snow on their big day :)  
Despite a lot of snow on the ground, what a beautiful and mild day Jennifer and Dave had- just perfect temperatures- cold enough to avoid the slush and warm enough to bear the outdoors for periods of time- just fantastic!  Jennifer and Dave were so laid back and a total pleasure to be around.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a flower nut- looks at Jen's bouquet- it was gorgeous and held up beautifully all day.  Can you guess where it was from?  Costco!!  The red roses were all perfect, and the red berries a merry touch.  So lovely.
For photos, we visited a coffee shop that Jen and Dave had their first date at- how awesome is that!?  And then we scooted over the the Millennium Library and used some of the great light pouring in from the windows to capture some more photos.  

The ceremony and reception were at Bridges- where everything is always AWESOME.  And being as great (and BRAVE) as Jen and Dave were, we even rushed outdoors after the ceremony to do some kissing and dips before heading back indoors for cocktail hour.
Congratulations Jennifer and Dave- I had a wonderful day, a wonderful evening and I can add to my experiences the first ever wedding I have been to that hosted a ice cream sundae dessert bar. :)

Posted below is a small highlight show of their day below, and below that one you can catch photos from their photo booth :) 


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