Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cheryl and Dave

Wow! When I met Cheryl and Dave on what seemed an evening so very long ago I never dreamed that one of the last weekends in October would provide with such a beautiful, bright and mild day. What a truly gorgeous day in the Peg to tie the knot (and in terms of our Winnipeg weather- I think mother nature was pretty kind!) This was also another wedding with a bunch of wonderful people who made us feel great all day long.
Check out the flowers- nothing makes my day more than a bunch or pink bouquets- they were ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

We took care of some indoor photos at the Fort Garry Hotel before heading to one of my favorite areas in the exchange where the autumn light was gorgeous!

This is one of my favorite photos from the day- just love it (coming to my website asap!) :)

Congratulations Cheryl and Dave!!- I have posted a small slideshow of the day below


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