Friday, October 22, 2010

Elizabeth and Matthias

What a PHENOMENAL October this has been.  The awaited 10.10.10 provided such an awesome day with July temperatures (minus the mosquitoes!)
Check out Liz's shoes- one of the most awesome pairs of the year- best yet, only one of 3 pairs of awesome shoes that she had planned for the day

Elizabeth looked STUNNING!   She also had a stunning wedding party and gorgeous little flower girls.

We spent sometime at the Steven Juba Park and then the neighboring back alleys for some shots. We then headed to the Legislative building for quite possibly THE MOST awaiting family ready to family photos that I have EVER encountered.  I thank my lucky stars that Elizabeth (being a project manager) had her sister in charge of corralling people into groups for me. She was so much help and it was much appreciated!
 Elizabeth's wedding also put "us" on the news in a couple little video clips.  Liz looked phenomenal- I looked "round" and of course I am bossing people around :-P

I have posted a small slideshow of 10.10.10 here- Congratulations Elizabeth and Matthias!


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