Thursday, September 2, 2010

Carly and Tyler

I LOVED spending the day with Carly and Tyler- actually, when I talk about a wedding of firsts- this is one of of them!
Carly had a pair of the most awesome flats I have ever seen!

Carly and her gals spent the morning getting ready at the Inn at The Forks.  And despite a bride to be that who was not feeling so well most of the morning (the most ill bride that I have encountered) she always had a smile on her face and was still a pleasure to be around!  And in that miracle wedding fashion by the time Carly was finishing up and ready to put on that dress she was ready for anything.
Carly looked gorgeous!  Chris from alluring designs did the girls makeup- everyone looked great. 

We managed to take photos at a couple very different locations- the weather, much unlike most weekends this summer, was gorgeous- not a looming cloud or threat of rain anywhere.

Carly and Tyler were married outdoors at Breezy Bend and the ceremony was beautiful- the golf club did a wonderful job setting up a picturesque area for the couple to day their I Do's

So here is my favorite part of the day- Dinner, speeches- all that jazz.  Carly and Tyler have their first dance and hen dance with their parents. They then invite everyone onto the dance floor (nothing out of the ordinary there right?) The third song of the evening is Journey's, Don't Stop Believing- the first time I have ever heard of it in the first 3 lineup.  THE DANCE FLOOR IS JAM PACKED and if you can imagine an ENTIRE dance floor singing their hearts out to Journey...well I tell you if I used the word "Epic" I don't think you would believe me.  It was so cool- I swear that in the same fashion that old folks doing the polka makes me swell up with tears...  Mark this the first time the guest list sang a Journey song and the first time a song by Journey has made me feel all fuzzy inside. :)

Congratulations Carly and Tyler- you are such a great couple- it was fun and easy ALL DAY for me!  I have posted a small sneak peak of the day below!


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