Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tara and Glen

This past weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out with Tara and Glen and all of their friends and family on their very special day!

Mother Nature must have just known that we weren't going to put up with the likes of inhuman temperatures because the day was incredibly mild.

Tara looked beautiful- her hair design and makeup was done by the WONDERFUL Jackie at Chatters on Kenaston. I also got to spend the evening chatting with Jackie at the reception- she made Tara's hair piece and is going to start her own collection of wedding pieces (including birdcages!) at reasonable prices...oh how I love reasonable prices :) More to come on that.

The reception was held at Terrace 55. The room was decorated beautifully. The chair linens were provided by Savvy and Tara composed the centerpieces herself. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the ambiance by some purple lighting- it was just beautiful.

Tara and Glen- I hope you are absolutely NO WHERE reading this....and why would you be? I can imagine you basking in the sun and swimming in fruity cocktails and the ocean of course ;)

Thank you for letting me share your day!


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