Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009- The Year in Review (a post that took me a month to get posted!)

What a year! by far one of my busiest yet, and of course with my new addition, and an abundance of weddings there was no shortage of hustle bustle.

This year was fantastic! I worked with so many wonderful people! Of course, our dismal summer didn't ever seem to damper any of the 09 weddings- I am happy to report that once again NOT ONE WEDDING DAY WAS RAINED OUT- the only time that it did rain, was the day that I had a cancellation- I consider myself to be one lucky duck.

So instead of writing my typical sappy thank you and happy holidays post- I wanted to tell you some of the "firsts", "mosts" and ultimately memorable moments in the 09 season! When you have been at this job as long as I have, "firsts' don't happen all that often...

First Time a wedding party walked down the aisle to AC/DC
In the surreal gardens of Pine Ridge Hollow, the crowd waiting in anticipation- there was a hush in the crowd- the wedding was starting- queue the AC/DC
Yes, Sandra and Dave decided that "Back in Black" was the song of choice for the processional down the aisle :) I have to say that the song choice not only left myself smiling- the "crowd" loved it.

First time a groom ever played the processional down the aisle
Sean proved to be a multi talented groom as he played a song that he wrote for the processional and his bride to walk down the aisle to. I not only have the vivid image of this is my mind, but the "exact feeling" that I had watching Sean pick away at his strings and glance up towards his bride...amazing stuff!

First Time a Bride and a Groom had the Same Name!!
Yes, Shawn and Sean were married on a very hot September day. Want to know the most amazing thing about a bride and groom that have the same name...I would say "Shawn do this" and "Sean, you do this" and they would know exactly who I was speaking to...without even looking in my direction.

First wedding cake smashed with mallets :)
Yes, Michelle and James had a surprise for their guests. They used a smash cake filled with candy and announced that the cake was going to be "cut" Then they picked up their rubber mallets and smashed it into bits. The guests loved it- and then could take some of the candy home as a wedding favor!

First Time I Had A Bride Wear Red
Or even seen in person/ photographed a red wedding dress- And wow was it red! Not only did it make for some unique photographs, but I couldn't wait to see the reaction of the groom and the guests as she made her debut down the aisle!

The "mosts" of 2009 (of course just one ladies' experiences- and hard to choose- so many great things from this year!)

The "most" popular table favors- mmmmm cookies- so very pretty to photograph and so very tasty.

"Most" of my weddings- took place at Pine Ridge Hollow, but a close second was the St. Boniface Golf course

The song "most" used for the wedding party to be announced to at the reception- Black Eyed Peas- I Gotta Feeling

Monica from Timeless Florals was the florist used "most" at my weddings this year.

The color "most" used in my weddings this year...pink, with purple as a close second

And the "most" tear jerking, feel good moment this year- A couple, Sandra and Dave had each others rings engraved prior to the wedding but neither knew what each other had written. So as I photographed these rings, they still didn't know.... They were waiting for a moment where they could be by themselves and read them together. How do you sum up an emotion- a relationship- a life together- in words that will fit inside a wedding band?

Sandra's words to Dave "AMAZING MAN"  But you know what?- when I read what was inside Sandra's band I honestly melted. The most perfect words- how do you sum it up? Dave summed it up perfectly and you just would never guess what he had engraved into hers....

I am so thankful for the job that I have- another year behind us- off without a hitch. Whether you are an "old" married soul now, someone who I have taken a photograph of, one of my friends, family or up and coming client I want to wish everyone the best of the Holiday Season and the New year.
2010 is proved to book up quickly and will be equally exciting. Can't wait to see what and who it brings my way!


Alex Palma January 1, 2010 at 6:03 PM  

What a you had for sure, keep it up Carrie. It sure sounds like 2010 will be just as busy & exciting for you if not more. :):)

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