Thursday, October 22, 2009

Williams-Ross Bunch

Ahhhh- the Williams- Ross gang ;) I just want to take a minute to tell you about that last time I am sure I took a photograph of Ms. Williams. :) At about 14, she sat down in front of a tree with her Cotton Ginny sweatshirt (front tucked only) into a pair of white shorts. Her hair was super long and crazy curly teased (hey- we were in the early 90's) and if I remember correctly, she pretended to rest her chin in her hand (to cover a blemish). And after I took a photo of her, I had her take one of me (and if I remember correctly my hair was also quite the site, and I was adorned in a New Kids On The Block t-shirt and some neon orange bottoms) I wrapped my body and peeked out around that same tree.
And a couple weeks and a "developing" later, I cut myself out of a picture (with scissors- not a lasso tool) and pasted those two photos together (with glue- not layers) ;-P
I swear, I'm gonna find that picture and post it as soon as it turns up!
So thank goodness for digital cameras and growing up.


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