Monday, September 7, 2009

Amanda and Earl

There doesn't seem to be a weekend go by that I don't feel like the luckiest girl with the job I have!

I must say that I am enjoying our beautiful July temperatures, even if they have come a couple months late...and the weather was fantastic for Amanda and Earl's wedding which took place in Gimli Manitoba.

Earl, who originally came from Wisconsin had guests from The Green Bay area come all the way to the little town of Gimli to join in the fun- I enjoyed talking to everyone! Amanda had a wonderful family and a sister who took some of the best photos I had seen- I actually asked her sis if I should pack up my gear and head back to the Peg'- luckily, she was pre-occupied being a member of the wedding party- so my job was safe :)

And I can't even take credit for this wonderful idea- it was Earl himself who thought that the rings in a seashell would be so fitting!

I had a wonderful day guys- thank you so much for letting me be a small part of it- Go Packers!

Here are just a few highlights from the day


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