Friday, July 3, 2009

A quick note about a wedding date

Just a quick post to clarify-
Please understand that although I may certainly leave a meeting, urging you to go home and discuss your decisions, your date is not secured without a deposit.
In this industry there are times that are slower for consultations than others and there are times that I have many inquiries for a certain date within a short time span. I have in past circumstances held a date until a decision is made and I have also offered assurance that I have no other meetings scheduled in the near future for your date BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOUR DATE IS BOOKED AND RESERVED.
Therefor, if you have not booked your wedding date with a deposit and written agreement, it has not been booked. Simple right- apparently not so. I don't want anyone to ever feel like their date has been pulled from under them. If I have ever held a date in any past circumstance it has been for a few days- not months or even weeks. Therefor as of today, all dates that I have not received deposits and paperwork are available for other clients. If you have paperwork in your presence from many months ago, please contact me before sending it my way to ensure the date is still open.
Thanks for your understanding!


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