Friday, July 10, 2009

It's that time of year again!

Not just wedding season,but wedding meeting season!

Most photographers spend a few evenings per week meeting with new clients this time of year. I find a lot of the same questions come up (so why not a post (-:) to clarify some of my opinions. certainly I know that you may not even be my client- but if this answers a question for yourself or a friend- it it worth it!

Reception Coverage...Is it worth it? Why isn't a part of the package?

Truthfully, for YEARS I shot receptions and just made it part of the package but I find it very limiting. When you think of a reception hall, most people think of flickering candles and dim lighting....great for dinner ambiance, not so great for photos. I found it obtrusive to suggest turning lights up for the first dance and cake cutting...the most important to capture! But I also found that after "commanding" everyone's attention through the day, it was hard to capture photos that were candid in nature (the best kind) because most your entourage are drawn to look towards that camera. For the kind of photos I provided- some speeches, some dancing, some just didn't reflect the amounts of time the coverage required. I also decided early on that people DIDN'T LOOK GOOD or want me taking pictures of them most table shots were out.
I realize that some people WANT reception coverage- so of course it's an option! But I also like to get in that hall at least 10 minutes prior to your guests to turn those lights on full and get some great table and detail shots!

The last photographer I met with said that if my photographer's price was under 3,000.00 my pictures would not be good!- Is this true?

My first response would be to guess that her pricing was 3,000 or over?

But in all honesty, it's my passion to go to peoples homes and look at photos on the wall and in albums. I also spend a ton of time on the web and of course facebook :) looking at pictures. I have seen people who charge less than myself who are really really really good- and then the exact opposite. I have also seen work that has a much higher price tag that is phenomenal, some similar and in some cases even of less quality. As a consumer, you have to like what you see. You have to be subjective to the work in a portfolio and the products offered. Personally, I can think of 15 photographers off the top of my head that have pricing below that amount and have EXTRAORDINARY work and great work ethics.

You did my cousins wedding and she had 600 files on her high res. discs...Why do you only advertise 400 images?

Every wedding is so different. Some weddings have large wedding parties and we need more time to accomplish shots. Some weddings have limited times for photos and squeeze every second to get a good assortment of shots. Sometimes the weather is a downpour and we may have less than expected. That's why it's so important for me to have a timeline with locations that I can scout a couple weeks before the wedding. I am also up for any questions or meetings so that we can figure out how to get the best photos and make the best use of time on your big day!

Why is the balance due on the wedding day?

By the time your photos are handed to you (within a couple weeks of the wedding) I have spent hours and hours shooting and also editing images. Every image is color corrected and edited for optimal print. There are also fees that are spent on your prints, supplies and assistants.


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